Monday, January 20, 2014

S.Krishnamurthy 663 Mech

Balance sheet of my Life by S.Krishnamurthy 663 Mech

Someone said that birth is the opening stock  and death  is the closing stock of a person’s balance sheet. Health and education are the current assets and character  is the fixed asset. Children are the dividends and pleasure and pain are the interest income. Birth as a human being  could be karma palan  and is considered   a  great boon as per the Hindu belief. Whatever happens between birth and death  is  governed by the effects of ill or noble acts in the previous births. However Shanakaracharya says that there could be mid course corrections  using one’s own buddhi.

So much for the Vedanta part of life. Born as the youngest in a humble family  among 8 siblings , my birth star chithirai  is said to have driven my father to the streets on four legs. Brought up by eldest brother  I grew  up in Tambaram . Studied in National School , Corley high School ,   Tambaram , did my PUC at Jain college Meenambakkam.  By a stroke of luck got admission in College of Engineering  Guindy. Pursued higher education at IIT Bombay  for two years . Joined Tata  Electric Cos.  and exited form the same.

When I reflect on the mid course corrections    good fortune  played a major role in my academic career  . There were no surprises in the professional career except the exit part. When one door shuts another opens as it happened in my life with my son passing out C.A and getting employed when I left Tatas in 1996. Both my son and daughter are married and am blessed with three grand daughters that include a twins. There were no great opportunities knocking   at my door after retirement and am leading a peaceful life.

Having gone through   many turn of events , opportunities / disappointments  etc I can advise the posterity to listen to one’s elders and you would stand to gain. Enjoying a comparatively healthy  life my only prayer is to depart without giving too much trouble to my dependents.  

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