Tuesday, January 21, 2014

N. Muthuswamy

N. Muthuswamy

Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical engineering, One of the top 10 in the University

Had over 16 years of industry experience with Voltas and IBM India prior to over 35 years of consulting experience in India.
** Executive director of Baroda Productivity Council that grew 7 times in 9 years under his leadership, and made it the largest local productivity council in India . Presently , he is the Chairman of Quest Systems Private Limited – a general management consultancy company founded by him. Quest specializes in “effectiveness” using principles of energy discovered and developed by him to drive effectiveness in any field. These principles have been incorporated in software products developed by him in fields ranging from Management, career guidance, putting employees through psychometric tests and counseling them to improve their effectiveness on the job, changing company cultures and implementing cultural changes with proven results and in the area of disease prevention through non-conventional, natural health systems.;
** Author of " Success through Opposites' - that describes a process by which we tune our mind so that success comes to us far more easily and certainly.
Owner - Quest Systems Private Limited
Consultant = Sayaji Hotels Lrd. and Barbeque Nation
2006 – Present (7 years)
As their management consultant he has been associated with these two organizations since their inception and have been the mentor of its MD Mr Sajid Dhanani. Has been responsible for creating and maintaining the culture in these companies with his  unique concept of Management by PICKS.
These two organizations are great examples of actual implementation of philosophy and systems based on Management by PICKS- a general management concept that he has evolved.. We have a philosophy of managing that works and 'works like hell,' as Mr Sajid Dhanani once puts it. This is because we have developed systems that incorporate this philosophy with the result our implementation of this philosophy becomes easier and surprisingly faster. Of course we make it a condition that we are part of the implementation team in our management consultancy assignments, as we are keen to implement and not just talk about yet another management philosophy. We have a proven system for changing the culture of an organization to make it far more effective, in an unbelievable short time.
Executive Director, Baroda Productivity Council
November 1980 – July 1989 (8 years 9 months)
Running the Local productivity council, growing it 7 times in 9 years and making it the biggest local productivity council - ahead of all Metro local productivity councils and next only to the National Productivity council, India. Innovator of path-breaking positive attitude development program for workers and staff, innovator of new concepts in Managerial Effectiveness. Brought EKS - a German Management Concept - to India.
*Author of the book “ Success through Opposites” first published in the United States of America; the second edition of this book is self-published as an ebook and is available in smashwords.com  It can be downloaded in any andoroid and i-os, windows based devices such as iphones, samsung, sony, kindle, any laptop or desktops. He is in the process of writing his second book on Success, titled
 “ Success through Super- systems”.scheduled to be released in March 2014; the third book
' Success through Management by PICKS' will be published by March 2015

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