Monday, January 20, 2014

K.S. Swaminathan (548)

Chami (Swaminathan)

India Cell no  89393-34352

U,S,Cell :  732-668-4901   LL 908-431-0422

Oct 1942 : Arrival  in a war torn world when Russian forces were repelling Hitler’s forces
June ’47 to  April ’52 various elementary schools finishing with “Dhadhi vadyar school’ near Kapali temple
’52-’54 – P.S. High school, Mylapore – R.Krishnamoorthy of GE64 was schoolmate

’54-’58 – Hindu High school ..LR Subramanian  and N. Muthuswami of GE64 were schoolmates

1959: Pre-University, Govt Arts college , Chennai;!//I was one of the two boys in this college with more than 400/600 score in SSLC!...stood first in PUC from this college…D in Math and Logic too

1959 one month in Presidency college and then got selected .for Guindy Engineering

·         June  ’64: Joined ACC in their Heavy Machinery mfg at Shahabad, Karnataka as Junior Engineer (Planning)
·         1968  Trained by IBM  after passing their aptitude test for programming :and Systems Analysis  ..this effectively put me on the path of  Information Systems analysis and design career after this.   
·         1970  – After finding out from a colleague how I could sponsor myself with $800 to take with to U.S. I  applied for immigration to U.S. and got the visa in April ’71.  In those days to get $800 from RBI I had to deposit twice that amount in Rupees which I would lose if I did not repatriate the dollars within 1 year.  I had to cash out  all my  savings to start this new venture…it was literally a do or die thing. 
·         June 71 to Sept 72 – various small co. jobs  .repatriated the  $800 within 1 year
·         Sept 72 – Dec ’74 : M.S. in Industrial engineering and part time jobs including as a part time gear hobber!...where my GE background helped in making a living.
·         Jan ’75 to May ’75 break in India at Tanjore  after completion …another now or never decision ! married to Hemalatha (neighbor of Sri Ramani of GE64!)
·         June 75 to Dec 84 – Programming  to  MRP-II systems analyst progress in Detroit   based mfg. Companies
·         Jan 85 to Oct ’97  - Senior Systems analyst to Business Systems manager path at Howmet Corporation in New Jersey . investment castings manufacturer . Early retirement in ‘97
·         Freelanced as Systems Engineer in Lucent Tech for two years till Oct 1999

Other accomplishments

  • Certified as Fellow of APICS (American Production
  • And Inventory Control Society)  in 1977
  • CDP (Certified in data Processing) in 1980    

Wife Hema with B.Sc  Zoology background got training in UMDNJ and worked as Cytologist until 1993 when she had to stop working due to Diabetes complications.  These complications took a toll on her health over the next 10 years and she passed away in Jan 2004.  I spent more time with her after I also stopped working in ’99. One of my missions in the rest of my life is to keep educating others of holistic healthcare practices based on my own experiences and experimentation..  If we had internet to enhance awareness those days and my wife was willing to be very proactive with her diet and lifestyle changes needed , things might have turned out differently.  

Son Rajesh born in 1977 in Michigan  …graduated with B.S. in Biology from Rutgers and M.S. in Clinical Nutrition from Columbia University is working on Clinical Trials projects for Johnson and Johnson. He married Nirmala from Hosur in 2006  and she is working for Bank of America and pursuing M.S. in banking management

Daughter Radhika born in 1981 in Michigan graduated from Rennslaer Polytechnic with B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 2003 . She got married in 2004 and joined her husband Sriram who is working in Motorola as a Senior Engineer . Sriram did his M.S. in Electronics and Telecom engg at  Univ of Illinois, Chicago. Radhika took up a job in U/L as Safety Engineer in 2005 .  They are expecting their first child in July 2009


  1. The write up above was submitted for the 2009 meet printed souvenir...It has been updated for the 2014 e_souvenir in its Appendix.

    1. missed you at the resort on 26th Jan 2014
      take care

  2. Dear friends ,

    To those who attended the meet yesterday , I wish to thank them for ;making my day' so to speak instead of sitting at home brooding over my real and imaginary health care challenges being faced and likely to be faced...Yesterday we implemented what Dale Carnegie says in "How to stop worrying and start living" one day at a time!... Looking forward to hearing and watching through photos and videos about those who made it to the Ocean Spray, Pondicheri today

    A few of us took a walking tour of the campus yesterday evening and it felt like it was a much shorter walk than from the hostel to class rooms in the old days!..The chemistry labs, Drawing halls looke the same!... I was expecting to see lot of computers and CAD stations etc.!...made me wonder if there are private enginerring colleges today which are more modernised though not as affordable

    LRS and I had also chatted about our Hindu high school days and wished N. Muthiuswamy was there with us

    The group photo came up real nice with the Photo shop touch of the Big Dome of CEG in the background but with greater clarity of the images of batchmates. One correction which needs to be made before we get the digital ersion (if we cannot edit it after we get it is in the heading in top left it spells Guindy as "Gundy" without the 'I' which others in my family noticed right away!... If we can add names of people in the photo below it in the digital version it would be even better (or tagging the heads like they do it in Facebook...may be Sounderrajan know how to do this)

    Last but not the least, I wish to thank Ramki for setting up this yahoo group site without which all the communication needed to co-ordinate and implement the Golden Jubilee program with the level of participation we had would have been much harder.


    Swaminathan K.S. (548 Mech.... must have been in C&D section for which Ananthasyanam was class rep I heard yesterday from him!... I could recall the relative location of class rooms etc but not the level of detail like others in our batch)