Monday, January 27, 2014

Hi Padmanaban ! reaching to everyone?

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  1. Dear All,
    A great celebrations of our golden jubilee meet at Chennai in CEG on 25th Jan'14 and later at Ocean Spray resort yesterday and this morning. The gang of four - Kadir, Baby (now very official), Sant Thukaram and Boxer Paramasivam deserve all our appreciation for their long range planning (over two years), execution to the minutest detail and above all ensuring every one present participated so as to make the occasion memorable. I wish to add the efforts put in by K.Swaminthan (Chami for many of us) by his 100% participation through emails in the yahoo group in ensuring the event is attended well. My thanks for those who could make it from USA especially for this occasion, showed how much they valued the GE64 grp.

    Those who did not turn up for variety of reasons, really missed a lot in particular not only the camaraderie but also the nostalgic memories of their being born as an engineer 50 years ago by the faculty who taught us but the batch-mates who indirectly shaped our attitude to many situations for most of us if not all of us.

    My thanks for "The BEST HALF!!!'' 's who accompanied some of our batch-mates, made the jubilee celebrations a great event in particular at Ocean Spray and by winning the evening events, they proved they indeed are the "BEST HALF" 's.

    Wishing one and all great and fruitful healthy life ahead,

    L.R.Subramanyan (LR or LRS to may)
    from GE64 Group