Monday, January 20, 2014

Dr. Paranjothi

Inauguration of EEE Association on 3rd July 2008. Chief guest Dr. Paranjothi, Dean Rajalakshmi Engg. College delivered a special lecture on "Electrical Safety" .

Dr. S.R. Paranjothi received his B.E.(Electrical) and M.Sc.(Engg.) from the University of Madras and obtained Ph.D. degree in 1977 from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. During his outstanding academic career spanning 44 years, he served College of Engineering, Guindy, Government College of Technology, Coimbatore and Anna University, Chennai. Besides this textbook on "Electric Circuit Analysis" now in its fourth edition, he has contributed in the area of power system optimization, including the AI based soft computing techniques. He has published several technical papers in national and international journals. He was a member of the Board of studies of many Technical Institutions. He served as Member of the Academic Council of Anna University and also the member of the Syndicate of the same University. He is also a Fellow member of many professional societies like Institution of Engineers (India), IET (UK), etc. and has served them with distinction from time to time.

Electric circuit analysis is an introductory course for all branches of engineering and especially for electrical, communication and instrumentation engineers. In electric circuit analysis, one learns about the basics of electrical circuit elements and how to connect them in circuits. The solution techniques to solve them. During this process, learn several basic mathematical techniques that will be useful to solve ordinary linear differential equations. These equations appear throughout the curriculum of both undergraduate and graduate programs. Hence, there is a need to pay special attention to this circuit analysis. It will pay big dividends in the future-whether or not you are using circuits.

The main objective of this edition is to expose basic circuit concepts, circuit models and methods of circuit analysis in time domain and frequency domain for solving simple and multidimensional circuits including coupled circuits and three phase circuits. This book has been completely revised taking into account syllabus of all universities for the following branches of study: Electrical and Electronics Engineering; Electronics and Communication Engineering; Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering; Instrumentation and Control Engineering.

Each chapter contains an Introduction, Summary, Review Exercises (Problems with Answers) and Model Question Papers to motivate the students and to make them understand the concepts.

This edition is for sale in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan and Sri Lanka only. If you want to buy this book for any country other than these, kindly click on the following links:, 2.The Book Depository,

Paranjothi and Vaidyanatahan

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