Tuesday, January 21, 2014

B K Vasanth Rao

B K Vasanth Rao
Currently residing in Cunningham Cross road ,Bangalore
Date of birth 5th June 1943
Name of wife Renuka Rao
Family : One daughter .Nandita . Settled down in Melbourne Australia
Brief career background: Worked in Tata Motors earlier known as Telco in Jamshedpur,Bangalore,
Zambia and Srilanka for over 15 years .Later served as Techical Marketing Manager of Mercedes Benz
dealership in Zambia for 3 years and several assignments in UAE, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar assisting MAN,Germany to set up complete Commercial Vehicle Operations. Relocated to Bangalore in 2005 ,after serving overseas for over 25 years . Currently Director of SAF HOLLAND ,USA and GERMANY a company engaged in Air suspensions for Luxury Buses and complete range of accessories for Heavy Trailers
Special Interests: Have been trained in Australia and India on special subject of possible health hazards due to overexposure to Electromagnetic radiations from various sources ,detection and  simple solutions.Dowsing and Community Welfare service .Conduct regular Free EMR audits as well lecture demos  Member of two voluntary organisations ie Ashvasan and Unnati ,which cares for the needs of the Senior Citizens as well as Free training and placement services for youth from the underprivileged community.

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